When To Get Your Flu Shot   

Published: October 16, 2023

The flu is a respiratory infection that causes a stuffy nose, sore throat, and mucus in the lungs. It is often accompanied by a fever, cough, headaches, fatigue, and even muscle aches. The flu affects everyone differently, but when left untreated, it could result in hospitalization or death. It is important to get a flu shot in order to protect yourself from this miserable virus. The flu shot is one of many services offered at CheckPoint Urgent Care

When To Get Your Flu Shot   

Flu season in the Northern Hemisphere usually starts in November and continues into February. When you should get the flu shot depends on your age and risk level. This year, doctors and scientists from across the United States are urging the public to get their flu shot early. Experts think that the flu outbreak will be especially bad this year due to the lingering effects of COVID-19 isolation.  Personal protective equipment and isolation tactics aimed at hindering the spread of COVID-19 have also decreased the spread of the flu. While decreasing the spread of the flu might sound like a good thing, interaction with the flu virus is important to maintain a healthy immune system. Since the majority of the population has not interacted with the flu virus for a while, they are more likely to get very sick. Most people viewed COVID-19 as the primary threat and got vaccinated against it, but they forgot to also vaccinate themselves against the flu virus. While COVID-19 and the flu virus cause many of the same symptoms, they are very different viruses and require different antibodies to combat them. Therefore, many individuals are unprotected against the flu virus. Since November is often the peak season for the flu, the average person should get vaccinated in late September through October, so their bodies have time to build up antibodies to combat the flu.

Flu Vaccine Facts And Myths        

Many people think that vaccines inject a small dose of the live, flu virus into your system. They think that vaccines are dangerous, and they believe that you can catch the flu from the vaccine. This information is not true. Vaccines are not dangerous, and you cannot catch the flu from the vaccine. Vaccines work by injecting a small, inactive part of the virus into you. By injecting you with the inactive virus, your body can practice producing the correct antibodies to fight the real virus. Just think of the vaccine as a harmless practice team for your body’s first string to defend against. The vaccine does not cause your body any harm, and it helps your body create the right stuff to fend off the real flu.            

Some people also believe that the flu is not dangerous. In actuality, “the flu causes more than 400,000 hospital stays and 50,000 deaths every year,” (MayoClinic). While the flu vaccine may not be 100% effective, allowing your body to practice producing life-saving antibodies could prevent a hospital stay or even prevent death. Unless you want to feel like a snotty, achy mess, you do not want to catch the flu, so visit CheckPoint Urgent Care today to get your vaccine.

Why Should You Get The Flu Shot?

The flu shot allows you to build antibodies to fight the flu virus. You should get the flu shot to prevent yourself from contracting the flu, and you should get the flu shot to help decrease the severity of your symptoms if you do wind up contracting the flu. The flu shot is available at a number of locations across the nation. From pharmacies to doctors’ offices and urgent care centers, most people can get the flu shot for little to no cost if they have health insurance.

Who Should Get The Flu Shot?        

Ideally, everyone should get the flu shot. The flu is a threat to everyone, so everyone should attempt to get the vaccine annually. People who have chronic illnesses or who are very young or very old are the most at risk to the virus. Severely at-risk individuals should get the flu shot every year because if they contract the flu, then they are more likely to be hospitalized and less likely to survive the virus. Getting the flu shot helps prevent severe illness caused by the flu.

How Can I Get the Flu Vaccine?       

There are two ways to receive the flu vaccine. The most common way to receive the flu vaccine is through an injection or a shot. The shot is recommended for pretty much everyone 6 months and older, and it is administered in the arm with a small needle. An alternative to the injection is a nasal spray. The nasal spray is arguably more pleasant than an injection, but it is not carried in most places. There are also a lot of factors that might disqualify a person from receiving the nasal spray vaccine. Contact CheckPoint to see which way to receive the vaccine is the best for you.

Contact CheckPoint Urgent Care          

In conclusion, the flu virus is a dangerous illness that can result in hospitalization and possibly death. The flu vaccine was created to help your body fight the illness by producing antibodies specific to combat the flu virus. It is important to get vaccinated every year, especially if you are at a higher risk of becoming ill. The flu vaccine does not cause the flu virus, and it is safe to receive. You can receive your flu vaccine from CheckPoint Urgent Care.

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