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Gout is a common form of arthritis that can affect anyone. It most commonly presents as swelling, aching, redness, tenderness, and sudden pain in one or more joints. Usually, the joint at the big toe is where the symptoms begin. Gout symptoms can come and go, but what...
How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit

How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit

When you need to see a doctor quickly, your neighborhood urgent care is a great option to get seen, receive care, and be back on your way to health. However, you don’t want this visit to break the bank. The cost of an urgent care visit at CheckPoint Urgent Care can...
Gastritis or Indigestion

Gastritis or Indigestion

Stomach pains are something we all experience from time to time, no matter our age. Sometimes the issues tend to resolve themselves over time or with over-the-counter medications that soothe and settle the stomach. When your issues become frequent and uncomfortable,...
Eye Infections / Sties

Eye Infections / Sties

Your vision is a precious gift, and when eye discomfort strikes, you need prompt and reliable care. At CheckPoint Urgent Care, we understand the importance of your eye health, which is why we provide expert care for eye infections and sties.  Eye Infections / Sties...

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